2013 – Third Annual Treasure Life Skate-a-thon, Feb 14

By now it is a known fact that the home grown Treasure Life (TL): Evan Ty Jenkins Pediatric Research Foundation has a big heart, and the foundation’s collective ‘big heart’ is very focused on mending thousands of little broken hearts.  Charlene Jenkins, director of TL, said the foundation is just as focused as ever to uphold their original mandate, which is to “treasure cardiac children and support their journey through research, education and stroke prevention.” In an effort to provide continued support, TL will host the third annual TL Skate-a-thon at the Ken Nichol Regional Recreation (KNRRC) on Thursday, Feb. 14, in an effort to raise $8,000.

2012 – Raising money to mend little broken hearts

Last year, more than 100 people skated endless circles at the KNRRC arena, all in an effort to raise money so that one little boy could receive the trip of a lifetime. Nearly $8,000 was raised at the event and used in partnership with the Make-A-Wish Foundation to send 15-year-old Nathan, from Edmonton, to Universal Studios where he got to meet Lisa Simpson, and take a tour of Disney World…..

2011 – Little beads mark major milestones

For the young participants in the Treasure Bead program, life is measured not only by time but also by beads. The program, launched Jan. 19 at the Stollery Children’s Hospital in Edmonton, provides young cardiac patients with a way to represent their health journey…

2011 – Treasure Life receives post-wish recognition

The Treasure Life Foundation is making a difference, one child at a time. Representatives from the Make-A-Wish Foundation presented a plaque to Treasure Life: The Evan Ty Jenkins Pediatric Research Foundation at the Ken Nichol Regional Recreation Centre on Tuesday, Sept. 20, for making one little boy’s wish come true….

2011 – Treasure Life bead program to make life a little happier for Cardiac Kids

The reason we feel this is important is that kids don’t talk about their condition,” said Jenkins. “They don’t tell you what it’s like to get blood taken or what it’s like to have something difficult done to them but they will talk to you about their beads, their journey chain….

2011 – How the Legacy of One Little Boy is Changing & Saving Lives

Over the past three years the Evan Ty Jenkins Pediatric Research Foundation has generously donated $80,000 to the University Hospital Foundation to support Dr. Yashu Coe’s paediatric cardiology fund. The fund supports research that increases the safety and efficiency of cardiac procedures, in some cases allowing doctors to reduce the need for open-heart surgery altogether…..

2011 – Treasure Life to give back, grant a wish

2011 – Treasure Life tourney: a round of golf with lots of heart

2011 – Treasure Life skates, raises funds for broken hearts

2011 – Firefighters for TreasureLife

2011- Taking to the fairways ‘fore’ Treasure Life

2010 – Beads for Evan

2010 – Treasuring life

2010 – All fore the Cardiac Kids

2009 – Golfers raise $25,000 for “cardiac kids”