Treasure Life raises funds, warms hearts during cold snap

Posted by on Feb 21, 2019 in Foundation News

They skated. They chased the ring. They fueled up on sponsor snacks. More importantly, the participants at the 2019 Skate For Cardiac Kids on Family Day raised awareness about healthy hearts. The leisure skate and ringette game event was organized by Treasure Life and made possible with the help of our sponsors: City of Beaumont, Beaumont Tim Hortons, and Beaumont Boston Pizza.

A second Treasure Life event made a definite impact at a Boston Pizza in Northwest Edmonton. The Albany Market Square BP raised money for Cardiac Kids through its Paper Heart and Valentine’s Day promotion. Hundreds of paper hearts and heart-shaped pizzas were purchased, and at the same time, meaningful connections were made with our organization and the Treasure Bead program.

“Many of our guests recognized the bead strings right away and told us about family members that had large bead chains of their own and what impact Treasure Life has had on them. It was a very heartwarming and emotional experience for our staff”

Andrea Lawrence, Boston Pizza General Manager

The level of community response is humbling and inspiring. We are grateful for the support of our partners, sponsors, donors, and volunteers. Together we raised a total of $3,200 for Cardiac Kids at the two events.

That money is already earmarked for the bead program. This rapidly expanding program is available to children in every Edmonton hospital. Our online community extends much further. We send beads to cardiac kids in 39 Alberta communities and in locations across Canada so they can continue documenting their health journeys. That’s a lot of beads! Learn more about this important project.

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