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Stollery Hospital Foundation Support

We fund specialized medical equipment for pediatric heart patients on an as needed basis. This includes oximeters and INR machines which are critical to patient care but not now funded by health care. This “has greatly enhanced the care and monitoring of pediatric heart patients in their own homes. Anticoagulation, oxygen saturation, infant weight, as well as neonatal and infant blood pressure, can now be monitored outside of a clinical setting, greatly improving the quality of life for young heart patients and their families”.

See how our foundation supports research, education and the provision of specialized medical equipment for cardiac children.

Treasure Bead Program

From Concept To Launch


For the young participants in the Treasure Bead program, life is measured not only by time but also by beads.

The program, launched Jan. 19, 2011 at the Stollery Children’s Hospital in Edmonton, provides young cardiac patients with a way to represent their health journey.

In the program, each time a patient undergoes a medical procedure, such as a needle, blood test or CT scan, the child receives a bead. Together, the beads form part of a chain.

“The beads provide young kids with an avenue to document their treatment and talk about what they are going through,” says Judy Chapman, Vice-President of the Evan Ty Jenkins Pediatric Research Foundation. The foundation is named after Chapman’s grandson, Evan Ty Jenkins, who was born with complex congenital heart disease. He died in 2006 at the age of seven.

Having witnessed the challenges that face many young kids and their families firsthand, Chapman knows the program will bring some positive energy to a difficult situation. “If we can make their stay at the hospital a little easier, that’s what we want to do,” she says.

Dianne Tuterra, child life team leader at Stollery Children’s Hospital, says it’s “a pleasure and a privilege” to have the Treasure Bead program available at the site.

“It will make hospitalization and the health care journey more positive for children and families,” said Tuterra. “Alberta Health Services has worked closely with the foundation to get this program off the ground for our young cardiac patients.”

The response from cardiac parents was immediate and overwhelming.

“It made a real difference to us to know that others understood what we are going through and it gave us real strength to face the uncertainty of our son having heart surgery at only one day old,” says Edmonton father, Luke Humphreys.  

Expanding Our Program

The Treasure Bead program was later made available to all children at the Stollery to meet a growing demand, and in 2016, the program was introduced at Edmonton’s Royal Alexandra Hospital. We reached a major milestone in 2017, when we welcomed the Misericordia Hospital and Grey Nuns Community Hospital as Treasure Bead partners. Treasure Life now serves children in every city hospital, an accomplishment that we’re proud to celebrate.

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